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         Whether you are at the beginning of your journey in the Martial Arts or you are an experienced Black Belt, our school is here to help guide you and your family.

         For ages people have trained in the Martial Arts for many reasons.  One philosophy is it strengthens both the mind and the body. While you will learn how to defend yourself, your overall fitness, balance, and coordination will greatly increase through training.  As well as your self-esteem, concentration, confidence, and self-discipline.

       Many parents are choosing Karate over other recreational activities because it allows their children to develop at his or her own pace.  The goals they achieve are not a part of a teams goal but their own.  Which helps build their confidence in themselves.  While at the dojo, they are participating in a physically and mentally stimulating environment, where they can learn to interact and have fun with others.

         There are many benefits adults are receiving from Martial Arts also.  Some being the confidence you will build in yourself from knowing Self Defense. The physical fitness portion is helping students loose weight and gain stamina.  The flexibility of stretching helps with those aches and pains. The camaraderie of fellow students gives you a feeling of belonging to a club or group.  And it is a great stress reliever after a long day at work.

     At Dybas Martial Arts, we pride ourselves in not only the self-defense we teach, but also in the morals and values that we instill in our students.

    RyuKyu Kempo Karate-Jitsu is a traditional Okinawan martial art incorporating striking and pressure points. This type of karate is primarily kata-based, with most of our technique and application pulled directly from the kata. We also incorporate principles and techniques from Modern Arnis and Small Circle Jujitsu.


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